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  1. Overall Favorite Character
  2. Favorite Kunoichi
  3. Favorite Shinobi
  4. Favorite Sensei
  5. Favorite Hokage
  6. Favorite Kage
  7. Favorite Team
  8. Favorite Villain
  9. Favorite Summoning Animal
  10. Favorite Chakra Nature
  11. Favorite Theme Opening
  12. Favorite Theme Ending
  13. Favorite Movie
  14. Favorite Fight
  15. Favorite Akatsuki Member
  16. Favorite Bijuu
  17. Favorite Jinchuuriki
  18. Favorite Filler Episode
  19. Favorite Music Score/Song (not opening/ending)
  20. Any OTPs/Ships
  21. Any BroTPs
  22. Any NoTPs
  23. Character Most Like You
  24. Character You Want to be Like
  25. Character You Deem Annoying
  26. Character You Just Hate
  27. Best Character Hair
  28. Best Character Clothes
  29. Best Character Eyes
  30. Worst Character Hair
  31. Worst Character Clothes
  32. Worst Character Eyes
  33. Why & when did you start reading/watching Naruto?
  34. How are you going to feel after the series ends?
  35. If you could ask Kishimoto any question, what would it be?
What you're going to do with your life? Keep going so it can take form again from the mess. Ups and downs, y'know? no one can escape that. You gotta enjoy the ups and work out the downs~. Don't worry about the selfie, though! Whenever you feel like, I'm pretty sure you'll take the best shot you ever took! Plus, don't tell anyone, but me asking the selfie now is just an excuse for you to smile after all~ But shh, that's a secret >w>

Eh? But I don’t like the downs. If I just keep going on like this, I can’t get from my grade next year either, now will I be able to draw again. I don’t kinda know, I just need to give more though I’ve already given my all.

Thanks. I do hope I can take it as fast as I can because asdf I haven’t been kind of smiling for a while for real. Like yea, at school when someone tells something funny, but for real reasons, not… I even lost my interest in that one guy, he’s been acting weirdly now and I can’t even talk to him about things so I can’t kinda talk to anyone. All my friends are just like hey okay don’t talk to me I don’t want to be a part of your problems. Whooo…

Oh and it’s not a secret anymore because I pressed publish whoops



Heh Isa-cutie :)


Heh Isa-cutie :)